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happy duck

happy duck

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Soothing Night Light: This nightlight for children provides soft light to create a comfortable environment for nighttime nursery feedings
Safe and Gentle: A great sleep solution for both babies and tired parents. 100% secure and kids-pleasant squishy silicone
50%/Warm mode will ease midnight newborn feedings and help baby sleep.There is a power button at the bottom and a 20 minute delay shutdown function.
Easy Click & Tap Controls: on / off button is on the bottom of the silicone night lamp. sensitive tap control will show you a easy go colored night light for baby.
Tap the first time to resist weak light, tap the second time in five seconds to high-grade strong light, tap the third time to turn off the light. If you tap the second time after five seconds, the light will be turned off.

Additional features: mobile phone holder
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Switch type: inductive
Style: Cartoon
Light color: yellow-billed gull, blue-billed gull
Size Information:
Packing size: 96.5x91x130mm

Package Content

1 x Multicolor Night Lamp
1 x USB Cable
1 x English manual

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